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What is Metacognition? – A Key to Self-Mastery
What is metacognition

Hey…. You are now breathing manually… And if you don’t stop thinking about it, your nose will soon start to itch… only subtly at first, but it might get worse. In this series we’re consideringcontinue reading

Intelligence and Awareness: A Mind for Thriving
Intelligence and awareness working together

Some people are intelligent but unaware. Others seem tuned in but just don’t think things through. If thriving is the name of The Game then it’s critical that we develop both. So today we’ll consider… Intelligencecontinue reading

Emergence: A Breakthrough in Focus
a breakthrough in focus

How does your right big toe feel right now? What about your left hand? Now that spot between  your eyes? And what does this have to do with anything? Well, every time we mindfully direct our attention,continue reading

What is Emergence? – Your Next Breakthrough
What is emergence? The science of new possibilities

Is the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Or does the value of things simply depend on the pieces that make them? Studies in the field of emergence show how the whole reallycontinue reading