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“Everything is Perfect, and there is always room for Improvement.”
– Shunryu Suzuki

Welcome to where the name of The Game is Thriving.

Our Objective Here: to help you take years off your journey of realizing your long-term audacious goals including:

Self-mastery, contentment, contribution, adventure, and whatever “The Good Life” means to you.

Wherever we find ourselves today, we all have room for improvement.

So whether you’re fresh on the scene or a veteran on this path of personal refinement, here you’ll find resources, actionable ideas, and community support to help you make life better every single day.

Because as I always say..

The Path to Mastery is one we must each walk ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we have to walk alone. 

So what resources are available you ask….?

With the content found below, you could experience a permanent increase in your personal capabilities by the end of the day.

Consider this: how would life be different for you with just a 1% increase in your effectiveness, creativity, productivity, health, and focus every day for the rest of your life?

How much time, energy, and money would that save you over the long-haul?

What about a 5-10% increase?

Well I’ve time tested all of the ideas and resources found below. And for me the total difference has been closer to 1000% increase in all these areas.

I mean, how can one even measure the power of a life transformation. Before I felt stuck, living on auto-pilot. Now, I wake up every day feeling inspired, focused, creative, and have a clear sense of purpose?

And objectively, these ideas have allowed me to produce more value in the last 2 years than in the previous decade of my life.

So without further adieu, any of the following could foster your next breakthrough: 

  • The Game – All learning starts with Awareness, and Awareness is what The Game is all about.
  • The Fundamentals of Thriving – Every worthy pursuit builds on the fundamentals.
  • Accelerated Learning: The Ultimate Guide – Adaptability is the best predictor of success. The faster you can learn, the more adaptable you will be.
  • Creative Problem Solving – Transform your goals and dreams from mere thoughts into actual reality. This is your Master-Key to achieving any outcome in life.

Who Am I & How Can I Help You?

My name is Jeremy Sutton and I hail from the Northwest United States. But that’s not really what you want to know.

Above all else, I’m a self-development junkie, a problem-solver, and a steward of the planet

By profession I’m a personal consultant, teacher, writer, and entrepreneur. Over the last 9 years I’ve had the privilege to gain first-hand experience in 14 countries spanning 3 continents.

In particular, I’ve spent 6 of those years living between Paraguay, Argentina, Thailand, and most recently Japan.

A walk at Meiji Shrine

(On a walk with my fiance at Meiji Shrine Park in Tokyo. But we met 7 years ago in Mexico – I guess not everything that happens in Mexico stays in Mexico…)

During my experiences abroad I’ve set aside time to finish a Master’s in Psychology, launch a business, and have engaged in various self-experiments to leverage my own personal growth and transformation.

I’ve also had the honor to share what I’ve learned. My preferred mediums include writing, one-on-one coaching, and workshops. Workshop topics have included Creative Problem Solving, Accelerated Learning, and leveraging mindfulness for peak performance.

The core practices in my personal development include daily meditation, yoga, strength training, writing, and ongoing studies. In early 2015 I earned a qualification as a certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor in Northern India.

In a typical year I finish from 80-100 books and university lecture series. The vast majority of my studies focus on tools for refining the mind.  The main subjects include critical, creative, and strategic thinking, peak performance, world philosophies, and personal transformation.

And I’ve synthesized the best of those ideas right here so you don’t have to spend 1000’s of hours to find them.

Those “Ah-ha” Moments

For me, experiences of epiphany are the most deeply satisfying. I love those mind-blowing moments when, just for an instant, the curtains are drawn back. It feels like I’m getting a glimpse of the bigger picture.

I’d love nothing more than to help ignite these same experiences among the community here. So let’s get to work and make it happen.

Dive In and Share

Now, that’s enough about me because this site is about You.

Drop me a line and let me know how your ongoing journey is going. What are your goals, struggles, challenges, and dreams?

What can I do to be of greater assistance to you? Peak performance takes consistent daily effort. Having an ally on this journey can make all the difference in the world.

Key to Success: Keep it Rolling

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