Your Hero’s Journey Begins…


The Story

There’s a story that’s been told across the world and throughout the ages. It’s a story about life, love, and adventure. It’s full of challenge and transformation, success and failure, even happiness and suffering.

In “The Hero With 1000 Faces,” Joseph Campbell called this story The Hero’s Journey. And it’s the story of you and me.

If you aren’t certain if you’ve received yours yet, then…This is your Call To Action: 

“Will the reluctant Hero be bold enough to take up the challenge of pursuing a life of thriving with integrity…? Be willing to set off on adventure without the security of knowing where the road might lead or what might be there waiting…? Be able to persevere in developing the necessary knowledge, skills, and even wisdom that will enable them to overcome any adversity…?”

The Author

This story has been told before. But now it’s time for you to take up the pen and author the life we call “yours”. Only you decide where it will go. And the story is written with every action you take.

If you choose to accept your quest, you will need some skills to help you. Even though each of our stories are destined to be unique, there are some common practices that can aid any of us along the way.

Step 1: Switching On

Here’s something you might think of as a “training game.” It will help you develop the closest thing to “The Force” that we have in this universe. You can decide for yourself whether that’s true for you.

Only those with the persistence to forge their own paths will unlock their highest potentials. So take these practices and drop into the zone. Here are your Instructions for The Game.

Where Will Your Decisions Take You?

Your Hero’s Journey is the ultimate ‘choose your own adventure,’ and it turns out to be as silly or as serious as you make it. But if you have sincere aspirations to make your story an interesting one then it’s essential to own responsibility for the outcomes of your life, your development, and your impact on the world around you (both the good and the bad).

Personal evolution requires knowledge of the self, discipline, and the ability to make the harder choice. The 21st century presents every one of us with endless distractions to deter us from realizing our full potential.

Will you let yourself become a victim of the vacuum of technology and simply drift with the currents of life? Or will you own this story and write it’s direction with your own hand, through every action you take?

Self-mastery cannot be given, only earned. So here is 1 practice that will aid anyone on their adventure…

Becoming the Hero of your Journey means having the bravery take responsibility for your own development. So this with you: The Ultimate Guide to Accelerated Learning. With it, you will have the power to direct your life and adapt to any situation along the way.

The ability to learn anything with efficiency and grace is the real superpower of the human race. Own it. Identify as a life-long learner, and you will overcome any challenge placed before you.

The Magic of Assistance

Even the strongest and bravest heroes need support to reach their highest potential. Luke had Yoda, Frodo had Gandolf, and Micheal Jordan had Phil Jackson.

It’s almost magical what can happen when we get another set of eyes to hold us accountable. Ultimately, working with someone who knows the terrain of the mind can help us upload these ideas and move our development into the fast-lane.

The Game, Accelerated learning, and a problem-solving mindset are not easy frameworks to upload by oneself. It’s easy to recognize a lack of awareness or overt mistakes in others. Yet many of our own missteps sit too close to home for us to catch as they arise.

So I am here to help anyone who is truly committed to doing whatever it takes to realize his or her full potential. If you need help developing clarity, vision, or a strategic plan for achieving your goals, contact me directly. Or simply take full advantage of the materials found throughout this website.

Live an Exceptional Life

An exceptional life requires exceptional vision, clarity, and (above all) purpose.

Haphazardly wandering through life without direction is perfectly legitimate. However, if you want to own your Hero’s Journey then you need to reflect on this question: What is Your Purpose? 

Socrates claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Whether he was right or not, we don’t have to look very far to find masses of people going about their lives on autopilot.

Switching on, staying in The Game, and living an inspired life of mindfulness is not the easy choice. But it is your best chance to take your journey to unimaginable and beautiful heights. The only surefire path to living an exceptional life is to take hold of the reigns and direct your ride to the places that seem to you most promising.

It’s Only Just Begun

The excitement of your Hero’s Journey is not in how it begins. Whether owning your story starts today or started years ago, today marks a new beginning.

Take the steps to become The Hero of your own Story. Live and exceptional life. And may the resources here help you along the way. I am also here to support anyone who doesn’t want to go it alone.

Until then…

Keep learning, keep growing, and remember it’s always about the journey, not the destination.