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3 Types of Focus for Crafting the Good Life

Focus, focus, focus… we all get it. If we don’t focus then we’re not going to get anything done. “Fair enough… I’m paying attention… So now I’m focused… right?” Well, yes, but that’s not thecontinue reading

How to Meditate – Single Pointed Focus
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Meditation is the simplest, hardest thing in the world. Practiced for Millenia yet the benefits are backed by modern Science: Increased focus, awareness, and self-control Improved short term memory and “Executive Processes” Reduced stress andcontinue reading

Getting Off of Mental Autopilot
Mental Autopilot

Pets are so predictable. With their instincts and simple lives, they do the same thing day in and day out. Days are the same, they just keep right on chugging along. But come to thinkcontinue reading

Stages of Awareness
Oblivious - Stages of awareness

Awareness is a strange thing for us humans. Noticing it is a little bit like asking a fish about water. One can imagine such an encounter: Me – “Hey Fish, how’s the water today?” Fishcontinue reading