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Motivation Vs Inspiration: Combustion Vs Fusion
Combustion vs fusion

In the universe, there are two contrasting ways that energy is released: On one hand we have combustion. This includes fire and the engines that run our vehicles. On the other hand we have fusion.continue reading

A “Sucker’s Choice”
Sucker's Choice

Question: What do these all have in common? Left Wing or Right wing “You’re either ‘in’ or ‘out’” Black or white All or nothing Right or Wrong “It’s my way or the highway” Capitalism orcontinue reading

7 Treasures More Valuable Than Gold
More Valuable Than Gold

It’s impossible to overstate the value of these 7 pieces of information together. Anyone who has been exposed to these ideas has an incomparable advantage in almost every realm of life compared to someone whocontinue reading

Why Meaning Matters

“What’s the deal with “the meaning of life?” Why do people care? How does having “meaning” really affect anything I do? Why should I waste my time thinking about questions I can never even answercontinue reading